Raboso del Piave
Piave D.O.C.
Lt. 0,75

Az. Agr. Cecchetto Giorgio S.A.



Green glass GL71



Aluminium/Plastic C/ALU90



Waste collection centre

Further info

L’Az. Agr. Cecchetto Giorgio utilizza solo energia derivante da fonti rinnovabili inoltre, dal 2017 è certificata VIVA - La Sostenibilità nella Vitivinicoltura in Italia – Programma promosso dal Ministero della Transizione Ecologica.


Scopri perché è sostenibile: www.rabosopiave.com/sostenibilita

Even if cork is organic, its decomposition period is very long, and sometimes corks might have been treated. That is why not all municipalities take it as biowaste.

However, being cork a precious and recyclable material, you can bring it to the waste collection and recycling center and dispose it in the specific waste container for wood.

In addition, there are associations collecting cork with containers spread on the territory.


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Look for your municipality

The correct positioning in the Municipality where you are located is essential to recall the geolocated information on the disposal of products.
In this way, the Environmental Label will indicate the colors and types of bins of the various materials exactly according to local rules, and you will not make mistakes, even in good faith.